Rice bran oil

Specification of rice bran oil

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1 product name rice bran oil
2 Botanical Name Oryza sativa
3 material 100% rice bran
4 moisture  0.2% max
5 FFA 0.15 % max
6 Iodine value  90-115 g I2/100g
7 Peroxide value 10 mEq/kg max
8 Extraction Process Cold Pressed
9 Physical Appearance Golden yellow to brown colored liquid
10 Odour Characteristic odour
11 Specific Gravity 0.910 – 0.930 @ 20°C
12 Refractive Index 1.468 – 1.473 @ 20°C
13 Saponification Value (mgKOH/g) 180 – 195
14 Iodine Value (g I2/100g) 92 – 110
15 Fatty Acids Profile Oleic acid, Linoleic acid, Palmitic acid
16 Function Rich source of anti-oxidants: Vitamin E, Phytosterols, especially Gamma Oryzanol, improves anti-aging and maintains a healthy heart.
High smoke point (up to 240oC), reduces risk of fat-burning & helps the food to be more delicious.
17 application Fatty acid rich 100% pure Rice Bran oil is a multipurpose carrier oil that can adapt to most needs, as highlighted below.
18 Cooking oil: Rice bran oil is acclaimed as “nutrition and healthy cooking oil” by nutritionists, having relatively complete fatty acid composition, rice oryzanol, squalene, VE, sterols and otherbiologically active substances. Rice bran oil is potentially ideal edible oil.
19 Cosmetics:Rice bran oil has moisturizing and antioxidant effect. Rice bran oil can inhibit the formation of melanin to make the skin white. Due to good moisturizing effect, Rice bran oil is especially suitable for those
who are mature or have dry skins to nourish the skin and prevent aging.
20 Medical:Rice bran oil contains rich oryzanol, vitamins, trace elements, B-sitosterol, squalene ect which can effectively prevent lipid oxidation by reducing blood lipids and serum cholesterol, regulate and improve gastrointestinal function, brain function, nerve function, enhance
21 Usage 1. Prevents Menopausal Issues.
2. Controls Cholesterol Levels.
3. Prevents Cancer.
4. Delays Aging:
5. Prevents Allergic Reactions:
6. Weight Loss:
22 Packing in flexibag
Loading: 20 mtons/flexibag /cont 20ft
23 MOQ 20 MTs per month or higher
24 Original Vietnam